Here are some of my favorite Daily Deal sites.

Welcome to my website, “DailyDealGirl.com“.  I LOVE TO SAVE MONEY, as do most of my family and friends, so I have created this site to help everyone save money on things they purchase everyday, and to share deals on things they might not even know exisited! I’m a HUGE FAN of Groupon (like many of my friends) and I used to miss out on all the great deals that run nationally online each week. Those are deals that anyone can purchase, no matter where you live, as they send the products right to your doorstep. Well that doesn’t happen anymore, as I try and stay on top of all those deals, and now I am sharing those deals with you each day (Mon- Fri) on this website.

On top of that, if I find any great deals on any of the other many Daily Deal websites out there, I will share those with you as well. Plus, I will be sharing tips and advice on ways to save money on any and everything, so if you have any great tips you would like to share, please send them my way and I will pass them on to my visitors.

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